Social Media – Is your business using it?

YouTube: 1 Billion views per day

Facebook: 400 Million users

MySpace: 200 Million users

Twitter: 100 Million users

Are you enjoying some of the FREE and paid DEMOGRAPHIC based advertising rewards
of new Social Media Platforms?
Such Platforms as Facebook can put your business in front of a wide array of potential
clients and customers via FREE Updates, Events, Coupons, and Paid DEMOGRAPHIC
Advertising. Social Media is quickly becoming one of the main focal points of local and
regional advertising. Some benefits of Social Media Advertising by specific business
-Restaurant/Bar: Update your Friends with your Specials, Event, Happy Hour Goings On,
and Even Post Picture Updates while potential customers are deciding WHAT to DO for
-Retail: Notify customer’s of Daily/Weekly/Monthly Specials with the ability of showing
them the Product. Post Hourly Specials on days that may be generally slow to draw
traffic to your business.
-Recreation: Show In Action Photos and Videos, and ask Previous Customers to post
their own Experience Photos! Busy day, Post an Update and draw even more customers
as the place to be!

If you want to explore the many advertising options of Social Media, please contact me
and provide your Business, Website Address, and Business Description.

Is your business already utilizing Social Media? We can audit or manage it for you to allow you to focus
more on your everyday business. Email us today!


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