5 Awesome Ways to Network on Twitter and LinkedIn

1. Find the Creators of the Information You Read

Identify other people and business that have an influence in your Social area of expertise. The best place to start looking is the sites that you relate to for relevant content, such as blogs and websites of similar nature to your content. These people will tend to have a social presence, and you can simply follow them on their Social Media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Interact with them and like, comment and share their articles or blogs. Once you have done this compliment them with positive feedback.

2. There’s no better way than to Become an Author Yourself

Simply join in the conversations in your area of expertise, and begin writing content either for your own blog or to publish on online article platforms. This will allow you to give your opinion and discuss relevant information with people of similar interests on Social networks, causing you to have people reach out to you with advice, comments and ideas of their own.

If you’re not the type that likes to write, here is a Secret Key Ingredient: Stick with what you know, and think of questions that you would ask someone in your field, write these down and then attempt to answer the questions, you will be surprised and how much content you will able to create.

3. Tweaking Twitter

Twitter is a great source of information, and the best way to find relevant information is to tweak your searches and filter with relevant keywords to find people and tweets and then simply join the conversation. As an example, if you work in graphic design, the most obvious place to start would be a keyword like “graphic design.”

This isn’t rocket science, its simple and does require some trial and error to find what works for you. It is always a good idea to play around with different keywords and join conversations where you find something of interest. One of the best ways is to reply to peoples tweets and give your opinions, with a link to your sites or social presence.

4. Join LinkedIn and related Groups

These are some of the best forums to join online, and all you need to do is a quick group search  your related discussions and join the online conversations with others in your niche. It is always a good idea, before you join these groups to do your research and make sure that they have valuable information to help you. If you work in the Car-Auto Industry, then, a Healthcare group is a definite no. Some of the groups are open, and some are by invite only. Look around at what others are discussing in the groups and make sure it fits with your niche.

5. Keep an open Eye for people Who are Looking at You

Scan through the people whom have viewed your LinkedIn Profile, and when you find that is appropriate connect with them, and engage in conversation showing interest and creating a New Professional Relationship.


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