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Social Media Infographics

The explosion of social networking sites over the past decade has facilitated a transformation in the way we communicate with each other. Here we look at some of these communities with over 1 million users, both active and defunct:

Social Media Infographics

Facebook’s World

Facebook is the most dominant brand in the world of social media. Ever wonder how? Click the image below to view a comprehensive infographic:

Social Media Infographics

Age Distribution on Social Networking Sites

Here’s some interesting statistics regarding the age distribution across many of the popular social networking websites:

Social Media Infographics

A HubSpotter’s Guide to the (Social Media) Galaxy

Learn how marketers should explore new frontiers of social media, the blogoshere and more:

Social Media Infographics

Digg vs. Reddit — The Infographic

There has always been a form of healthy rivalry between Reddit and Digg, and its respective user bases. Click to find out more:

Social Media Infographics

Average Age of a Facebook User? 38

The demographics…

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