Ask us about our FREE2Paid option.

We will set up the following two accounts for you or your business:

Facebook and Twitter account:

  • We will post 4 updates to Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. (more than this looks like SPAM)
  • We will get you 20 NEW likes and followers within the 14 day FREE2PAID plan.
  • We will Monitor your accounts and give you a weekly report based on our stats.
  • We will advise you of strategies and tips on increasing your user content.

Terms and Conditions.

  • Upon completion of our work and delivery of results, we will negotiate a minimum 3 month contract to continue the services at a set fee, as discussed in the FREE2PAID user agreement.
  • We will offer you our different packages and tailor it to your specific needs.

Take advantage of our FREE2PAID option by submitting the form below.

As a BONUS we will compile a Social Media Visibilty report for your business for FREE.


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